Visual Artist

In 2008 I founded PIT

PIT is a art initiative based in Tilburg, a city in the Southern part of the Netherlands (NL)      
It’s an independent artist-run initiative with no fixed location that provides a platform for art and organizes exhibitions and projects on varying locations. It uses several different (art)spaces to                        
realize it’s projects. These spaces can vary from other artist-run spaces to galleries.

Link to PIT - Project Initiative Tilburg

PARK is an art initiative founded (2013) by Rob Moonen in cooperation with six other artists living in Tilburg. At this moment the PARK staff consists of Linda Arts, René Korten, Rob Moonen and Liza Voetman.

PARK is a platform for contemporary visual arts. PARK organizes an exhibition program in the former Goretti Chapel at the Wilhelmina Park in Tilburg.

Link to PARK - Platform for Visual Arts

Graphic Studio Daglicht is a workspace in Eindhoven where professional artist can create graphic work. From 1999 till 2017 I was closely involved in this place and organized many workshops, exhibitions and projects. Some of the exhibitions can be found under the following link

Link to curatal projects Daglicht

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