Visual Artist



An exhibition with work by the Berlin-based illustrator Anais Edely  Originated during a working period at Graphic Studio Daglicht


I UNDERSTAND WOMEN / S.Lloyd Trumpstein

S. Lloyd Trumpstein shows work of past years. In this exhibition is literally space for a different perspective and a revelatory look focused on what surrounds us. This translates into a world of images of great diversity, which enter into a continuous dialogue with each other. The exhibition include architectural paintings, abstract works, books, magazines, graphic art and textiles.


Theo van de Goor / Etching Books

Theo van de Goor is a regular visitor of the graphic studio, all his work is printed in Daglicht. Theo became 60 years old in this year for me a reason to organize a solo exhibition about his art.

The exhibition showed prints, objects and some of his paintings.

During the exhibition a preview of the documentary 'Theo, the Devil and the Fox was shown.



DDW - Dutch Design Week 2013


During the DDW 2013 the exhibition ‘graphic textiles’ was shown in one of the guest studios. Design, textiles and graphics will be connected in art works of:

Esther de Groot – More than a face

Jetske Visser – Hydro-phobia

Wendy Plomp – Message in a box

Lisa Favreau – Heytens

Raw Color – Exposures



DDW - Dutch Design Week 2010


An exhibition with work of:

Tim Enthoven


Eric de Haas

Rick van Iersel

Michiel Schuurman

Space 3

Erwin Thomasse

Job Wouters

Selection of shows I curated for Graphic Studio Daglicht, Eindhoven



In collaboration with Onomatopee

DDW - Dutch Design Week 2010


Almost Modern, Sigrid Calon, Remco van der Craats, Rob Giesendorf, Eric de Haas, Milou van Ham, Martijn Maas, Hugo Naber, Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen, Staynice



In collaboration with Museum De Pont, Tilburg

Organized together with Reinoud van Vught en Carlo Storimans


Linda Arts, Marian Breedveld, Koen Delaere, Paul van Dongen, Guido Geelen, Michael de Kok, Rene Korten, Marc Mulders, Reinoud van Vught, Ronald Zuurmond


New Images for the Netherlands 

A poster project by Graphic Studio Daglicht and Design Academy Eindhoven

In collaboration with Annelys de Vet

Designers of the posters:

Dick Bakker, Ine van den Elsen, Sofie Hoenselaars, Jord Jansen, Bart Koolen, Max Kortsmit, Itai Lahav, Laurens Manders, Melissa Peen, Ernst Ruijgrok, David Schocken, Janneke Smale, Stephan Velema en
Joris Visser

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