Work of Linda Arts

The work of Linda Arts manifests itself in a apparently narrow area. Its content can be defined by several basic elements. Consistent and returning in almost automatic manner. Keywords in this perspective are contrast, depth, fragmentation and reflection. But the main thing throughout the work is the space that light-fall offers. Like a constant search, a quest. No means excluded, narrowing the path further down in every possible way, but always subtile and with as few means as possible. 

This is established by an attempt to connect the obvious opposites, making extremes meet. Light versus dark, raw against smooth, seeing contradicting experiencing, handmade -artificiality. Closing it like a circle. 
Throughout the years the search has intensified. What seems limited to some, offers a world of opportunity for those who want to see. The connection between the individual paintings is strong, one piece evolves from another, as a natural process. 

Recognizable, like a track, is the fact that the hand of the artist remains visible throughout the work, at all times. 
Next and logical step has been to encounter and involve the surrounding space. To literally go beyond the boundaries of the painting and expand the dialogue to another level. Gradually the surrounding space has become part of the work and the other way around. One is the other, the other is one.