Light Wall & Dance Performance

Short film from the Light Projection, part of the exhibition 'Both Sides Now' in Hilvaria Studios. 
Dance performance is by Robin Werdler and based on the work.

Light Wall / Het Ei / Hilvaria Studio's

Animation overview of the Light Wall, part of the solo exhibition 'Both Sides Now' in Hilvaria Studios
Art and concept: Linda Arts, Animation: Philippe Druez, Music: Peter Robben & Linda Arts

Mural Hezelpoort Nijmegen

Video impression of the mural in the bicycle tunnel / Hezelpoort / Nijmegen 2020
Design and execution: Linda Arts
Commissioned by the Municipality of Nijmegen

Lawn Scape - The making of

Lawn Scape
Garden Sculpture / Commissioned by Phaea Design / 2022
This video shows the making of a Lawn Scape.
A social object that blends into its natural environment.
This work is commissioned by Phaea Design and was shown during the Open Garden Days in Duizel (NL).